What is Spring Water?

Spring water originates from an underground formation known as an aquifer; where water flows to the surface of the earth naturally, so it can be attained at the source. The sources, Mirabel, at the foot of the Laurentian Mountains is where Canada Spring Water is collected.

Why from Canada?

Canada possesses over 20% of fresh water in the world. Canadians are known to produce trustworthy and reliable water while following the international standards in manufacturing.

The Source

Canada Spring Water maintains its natural sodium-free composition by never treating it with ozones as it is collected directly from the source, Mirabel, at the foot of the Laurentian Mountains.

Pure NaturalSpring Water

Water migrates slowly towards the aquifer through multiple layers of bedrock which act as a natural filter and purify water, giving it a unique mineral composition. The resulting natural spring water is then drawn directly from the aquifer and bottled on-location by Canada Spring Water.

A Quality Productof All

Canada Spring Water meets all regulations (federal, provincial, or state) for bottled water. To guarantee your safety, our lab technicians are constantly testing the spring water and on the finished product to ensure that all standards are met. Bottled water is regulated as a food in North America, which is why all spring water that enters our facilities meet all the standards established by the food industry. Health Canada and the U.S Food & Drug Administration outline the best manufacturing practices and they are incorporated into our production of the bottled water.

International Quality Standards

The Canada Spring Water team strive to offer the most extraordinary quality product. The factory is FSSC22000 certified, a food safety certification standard, and is ISO 14,001:2004 certified, an international environmental certification standard. These certifications guarantee the stability, safety, and quality of our water which allows for us to offer bottled water as natural as from the spring.